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Below is a transcribed excerpt from an interview given by one of my Ayurveda teachers, Vaidya Sarang Phadke of Pune, India. I, Dr. Vikram Dravid, have been using these super-active herbal formulations in the treatment of my patients for many years. Customized blends are prepared for each patient are extremely effective, and safe in a variety of clinical illnesses.

“This remarkable medicine, Haldi-30, is a super-active extract of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) in sesame oil. This extract is non-toxic and proven to be safe, and I have been using it as an ingredient in various formulations in my clinical practice for 16 years now.

Some years ago, a patient presented to me with fever cough and cold that was resistant to four different antibiotics prescribed by several specialist doctors. This case improved and was treated successfully with this extract, which is how I had the idea to use it in Covid-19.

I have observed that symptomatic patients respond to this medicine within the first 3-4 days, and usually 30% of patients become fully asymptomatic with just a single dose or within two or three days. Patients with Diabetes or other co-morbidities, become symptom-free in 7-8 days. However, I do have my patients continue to take the medicine for the full 14 day quarantine period. So far, I have treated close to 200 Covid-19 patients, ranging in age from a 1 year 10 month old baby girl to an elderly gentleman of 88. This medicine has been effective in 100% of all patients, who have recovered fully.

I have made multiple attempts to reach out to the Central Government, mainly through the Ministry of Ayush, beginning first on August 15, 2020; I sent them a follow up reminder on the 20th of September. However, after receiving no response from Ayush, I made a complaint with the Prime Minister’s Grievance Cell, who did respond and forwarded my communication to Ayush, advising them to look into the matter.

If the Government decides to accept these finding as valid, the true advantage to this extract medicine is that it is proven safe and non-toxic, both by empirical use in our country over generations as food, as well as in my own 16 years of clinical practice. Among the 200 patients treated by me, only two had mild side-effects of oral ulcers, which were immediately managed with additional Ayurvedic medicines. These patients were able to complete their course of treatment with no further issues. Across all ages from young children to the elderly this medicine is very safe.

This medicine is easy to use, but as covid is a serious illness, I administer it to patients under my direct supervision, and monitor them closely on a daily basis over the phone while they are under treatment. I am cautious when monitoring patients, that if there is any change in symptoms, I order a chest Xray to ensure that the infection hasn’t entered the lungs.

The process to prepare this medicine is very simple. The basic  methodology for producing such a super-active extract of any herb was invented by Dr. S.G Kane, a chemical engineer and scientist who holds the worldwide process patent.  Dr. Kane has invented this process for making extracts from any Ayurvedic herb, which results in creation of herb nano-particles in a low dose formulation that work at a deep cellular level. The further brainstorming and idea to use Turmeric super-active extract specifically for the coronavirus was my own contribution, as was the specific dosage requirement in case of Covid-19. I came upon the dosage requirement – up to 5 times in a day – after researching several scientific studies which showed that frequent dosing is needed as turmeric levels rapidly clears the bloodstream. Turmeric doesn’t work as effectively in any other form, but it works extremely well in this extract form because of the presence of bioactive nano-particles.

May the country benefit, and may the people benefit from this knowledge. A great deal of human suffering could be relieved. This is our indigenous medicine, and not only should we use it in India, but it could also be made available for use internationally.”